Common core

The report recommends less testing, but suggests maintaining "the key instructional shifts" of the Common Core Standards.
"Principal Worrell-Breeden was the subject of allegations of testing improprieties," DOE spokeswoman Devora Kaye said.
John Oliver gave America another bracing burst of enlightening laughs/tears last night in a segment excoriating the nation's explosion of standardized testing.
Black and Hispanic students fall behind in common core testing, leading to breathless calls for radical change.
The comedian also blasted Common Core apologists on Twitter.
But he does love NYC public schools, 'mice, lice and all.'
The state DOE has come up with an alternate set of proposals for future testing.
City public schools have been back in session for almost a month now, but it appears teachers are still waiting for a significant number of their new Common Core-approved textbooks.
Students had to watch Nazi propaganda.
Should "babies" be pushing their mathematical boundaries? Or should they be coloring some more?
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