Common cause

'The guidelines are minimal, and it's a Shonda yeshivas are getting away scotch free,' said Susan Lerner of Common Cause.
While 37 other states allow residents to cast their votes in the days leading up to the election, New York continues to deprive us of this uncontroversial, hugely convenient opportunity.
'I haven't seen anything like it.'
And it wasn't isolated to Brooklyn—it was citywide, he alleges in a new legal filing.
The feds allege that election officials' mishandling of thousands of voter records broke the law.
Nonprofits he controls have raked in millions in unfettered contributions from big donors.
Those tricky hanging chads might be a thing of the past, but it turns out those schmancy paper ballots might not be so great either.
City Council members looking for reelection have found a reliable source
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