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The shooting occurred in an alleyway around 10:30 p.m.

The Legal Aid Society has filed a lawsuit against the city and police officers for ignoring Commissioner Kelly's order last September to police officers to stop making misdemeanor arrests for small quantities of marijuana hidden from public view during stop-and-frisks.

NYPD officer Paul Pizzuto, who wrote 36 phony traffic tickets last year so he could claim overtime pay.

The new forms come after the results of a study performed by the Rand Corp. advised that officers needed to better explain stops that involved force.

Remember those nifty electronic fingerprinting machines that the NYPD debuted in September to fingerprint people on the scene of a crime? Well, the NYCLU is worried what happens with fingerprints if you're not charged.

Images from surveillance footage via WNBC The NYPD released surveillance footage

After intense speculation about why the masseuse who discovered Heath Ledger's body

The Post has fun with a story about a robbery at a

While announcing that overall felony crime in 2007 is down 6%