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NYC is Marvel's longtime hometown, and they're celebrating that in May.

This weekend marks the return of New York Comic Con, everyone's favorite costumed gathering of hobbits, Han Solos and She-Hulks. Click through for lots of pics.

The new store will have will have 3,400 square feet to sell "more science fiction, more graphic novels, more toys, games, comics. We'll have more of everything that people want."

Between movies, trailers and actual comic books, it is a good weekend for superhero fans.

New York Comic Con, the annual gathering of hobbits, Han Solos and She-Hulks, strolled into the Javits Center with costumes galore this weekend—click through to check out some highlights.

It's not as big as its San Diego cousin, but this year's NY Comic Con, from October 13-16, has some worthwhile events for all the nerds and nerd-lovers out there.

Mario's plumbing! Stark tower! Doc Ock's lab! And more!

DC Comics is taking Batgirl out of her wheelchair—and we wonder when she'll return to the big screen.

Sick of just waiting for Waldo to appear? Sign up for the Where's Waldo NYC Neighborhood Challenge and take matters into your own hands with an interactive hunt.