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For the next decade, the event's organizer hopes to connect with other conventions across the country.
Stanley Martin Lieber was born in Manhattan in 1922, and attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx.
He also got busted for alleged heroin possession.
It can be easy to forget that long before super heroes took over Hollywood they weren't always so serious -- especially when they left the comics for the real world. Thank goodness the interwebs never forget.
Bob Dylan turns 71 this week, and we'll be celebrating over the next few days. Click through for our look at Dylan and his many odd comic book appearances.
They said it couldn't be done, but here we are: little-known arthouse flick "The Avengers" has overtaken "Think Like A Man" at the box office. $220 million David hath slayed $12 million Goliath!
Between movies, trailers and actual comic books, it is a good weekend for superhero fans.
A group who wants to permanently ban circumcision has taken the fight to...comic books, with an online series about "Foreskin Man," who battled with the "Monster Mohel." Surprisingly, some are offended by this.
As long as nobody decides to have a Batman Clone Wars, or reveal that Bruce Wayne was a Vuldarian all along, we're willing to go with the massive DC renumbering for now.
Did you know that Bob Dylan has made several appearances in comic books? Take a look at some of the best cartoon Dylan references!
The novel may be going the way of the Nook and the iPad, but there's still one form of larger-than-life storytelling which truly benefits from its physical incarnation: comic books!
Look at these f*cking comic book hipsters. Scott Snyder, the writer
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