Comfort food

Chef Greg Baxtrom, also behind the nearby Olmsted, is celebrating his Midwestern roots with the magnificent new Patti Ann's.
BUTTER PIZZA: each one is like a fleeting sculpture built in tribute to Comfort Food.
The Iron Chef puts his Japanese spin on everything from nachos to corn dogs to macaroni and cheese.
Back in July East Villagers were sad to discover that longtime comfort food institution Mama's Food Shop had closed quickly after its Williamsburg sibling. But good news, everyone! She's coming back. Sort of!
Seekers of Italian food Just Like Mama Used To Make need
City slickers can't seem to get enough of the haute barnyard dining thing, or at least that's what the owners of this new Upper West Side restaurant are banking on.
A Haute Stoner enjoys his Stumptown coffee [UPDATE BELOW, BRAH] The
Okay, it's freezing. Not just freezing -- bone chillingly bitter. We've been
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