"Sometimes there’s nothing there. I think this might be a case of there’s nothing there."
Louis CK has finally abandoned the broken strategy of targeted airstrikes and has launched a full-scale attack on ISIS.
It's Day 3 of Staten Island Clown Watch.
In today's "celebrities are just like us!" news, it turns out Jerry Seinfeld is a fan of both NPR and coffee, like a REAL New Yorker.
We figured we'd mine his experience of 28 years living in New York City for practical advice on first dates, finding money, and subway etiquette.
So it seems Seinfeld WON'T be spending all of the series in one of his ridiculous classic cars—there'll be plenty of footage of the comedians shooting the shit in various coffee shops.
There comes a time in every multi-millionaire comedians life when all the ill-conceived marriage game shows don't fill up the soul—in that darkest moment, Jerry Seinfeld has turned inward for creative rejuvenation...and launched a web series.
At least we got an answer to that age old joke: how many hoarders does it take to beat up a senior citizen Jewish comedian?
CBS has given the green light to the comedian and Seinfeld and Simpsons writer Spike Feresten for a half-hour comedy pilot.
The comedian tells David Carr that on Thursday night, 175,000 people bought the special, and he was expecting 200,000 total after the weekend. Minus production costs, "That's a $750,000 profit."
Hammond engaged in the behavior to escape painful childhood memories.
A Brooklyn comedian and filmmaker talks about train hopping.
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