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The Department of Education originally said the holiday would be renamed Indigenous People's Day and later added the Italian Heritage component.

"The world is poisoned with erroneous theories and needs to be taught sane doctrines. But it is difficult to strengthen what has become crooked."

Cuomo announced the unveiling in a video address this weekend.

Cuomo's use of the n-word came just minutes after he stressed the importance of apologizing after making an offensive remark.

Monday's protests had a renewed sense of urgency: stop the city's plan to build four new jails.

The activists issued multiple demands to the museum and to city officials, including: renaming Columbus Day 'Indigenous Peoples Day.'

The Anti-Columbus Day event will begin at 3 p.m. at the AMNH, and a flyer promises 'more than a tour this year.'

'As long as I am governor of the great State of New York, there will be a statue of Christopher Columbus standing tall and proud in the city of New York.'

Members of Mayor de Blasio's controversial statue commission are hoping the public can help them decide which of the city's monuments qualify as "symbols of hate."