Columbus circle

A water main broke on Broadway just north of Columbus Circle before dawn Monday, creating a temporary lake outside of Lincoln Center and snarling commutes.
At least one person has been injured since last week.
The menu at breakfast and lunch is limited to just a few items, but everything is delicious.
"The cop just all of a sudden was like stop! Don't come this way there's rocks falling," a witness told reporters.
The cocktails are so interesting the view over Central Park pales in comparison.
This popular traffic circle has a long history.
Italian-American groups have been fuming over Mayor de Blasio's perceived disregard for the city's Christopher Columbus statues, and now the mayor has been asked not to participate in the Bronx's Columbus Day Parade this Sunday.
According to police, Daniel Kimmery managed to scale the 76-foot statue and coat its fingertips at around 10 p.m. on Saturday.
It's the second NYC location of the restaurant that began the Momofuku empire.
The Brazilian tourist was stabbed in the back in a seemingly unprovoked attack.
These plaques would, in theory, allow certain contested figures to remain in place with a new citation that foregrounds their potentially hateful or destructive deeds.
Does Ulysses S. Grant qualify as a hate symbol? Does Christopher Columbus? Questions continue to mount as the Mayor works to refine the criteria of his new hate symbol review.
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