Programs in the New York City area are reporting at or near pre-COVID levels of enrollment despite limited offerings and the ongoing pandemic.
Each 529 savings account will receive a minimum deposit of $100 from the city.
A vaccine mandate faces one legal hurdle, but then the decision is mainly up to Governor Cuomo.
Applying to college is a huge lift any time, but it’s been an even bigger burden for some New York City public school students this year during the pandemic.
Colleges nationwide continue to grapple with the task of bringing students back to campuses while barring them from congregating in groups.
Many of NYU’s roughly 300 resident assistants are Black or brown, immigrant, and/or low-income students who rely on the free housing and meals in order to attend NYU.
The university expects around 2,600 students to begin quarantining this week.
New York has one of the lowest beer taxes in the country.
New York University will grant full scholarships to all current and future students studying within the School of Medicine.
After years of hazing deaths and injuries, a new law hopes to prevent these dangerous college rituals.
As a result, Donald Trump Jr., along with countless others, now believe that Twitter is running interference for pro-pedophile antifascist student protesters.
The student was rescued from the air shaft this morning by the FDNY and ESU.
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