The collapse happened at the site of a landmarked synagogue which was devastated by a fire in 2017.
'The only reason that I'm not seriously injured is because I happened to be standing under the reinforced lighting.'
Yep, the subway is literally falling apart.
"Tommaso was playing soccer with eight other children at the school's indoor gym."
One person was critically injured.
Drivers could be in for even worse traffic tonight.
Autumn must be upon us, because here comes BAM's Next Wave.
Several people were injured when a hangar that was under construction at Newark Liberty International Airport collapsed this afternoon.
Finally the truth comes out.
There's a displacement shelter set up at PS 63 at 121 East 3rd Street for the community as well.
Police and firefighters are on scene in the East Village at the site of a major building collapse. Updates to follow.
At least two people collapsed during today's NYC Half-Marathon, including one man who suffered a heart attack.
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