You can play any song you want for charity from any band you love (including your own). What do you choose? "Yesterday."
Coldplay? More like HOT MUSIC.
Tens of thousands of people, celebrities, artists and activists stormed Central Park for the fourth annual Global Citizen Festival.
Coming this September, a pretty big free show in Central Park...
"Welcome to the crazy wacky world of Game Of Thrones."
I would totally watch this. I would watch the shit out of a Game Of Thrones Musical written by Coldplay.
Overall, last night's SNL was on trend with the rest of this transitionary season: one hilarious standout sketch (The Beygency), some excellent Weekend Update visitors, and a couple decent and forgetful sketches.
It's nice that Martin added the "watch me for the changes" line, just like Fox did at Hill Valley High School in 1955.
Coldplay played in the last hour of 2012 while Jay-Z played in the first hour of 2013.
Jay-Z and Coldplay are co-headlining Barclays Center on New Year's Eve.
Coldplay is coming to a whale near you.
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