Cold front

To reiterate, temps are poised to plunge into sub-zero territory, STEEL YOURSELVES.
And you thought that first snow was bad! (It was.)
We will have a mix of sun and clouds today because of a wobbly cold front that's been hanging out in the neighborhood.
It will also be a bit breezy, as there is still a steep pressure gradient between the arriving high and the departing storm.
Daily highs have been above 60 degrees on 10 of the first 17 days this November but that warm streak will come to an abrupt end tomorrow night.
But a mid-week front is expected to bring the coolest weather we've had in several months.
Cooler air will make a brief visit tomorrow when the high will be in the 82-84 degree range.
It's not quite summer yet, after all.
A very spring-like storm system is moving across the Great Lakes today and that will provide us with rain and possibly a thunderstorm early this afternoon.
Here comes the first frost of the season!
This weekend's weather forecast looks like it leaped right out of a textbook.
The forecast highs diverge as we head into the weekend.
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