It's May and it's polar vortex time.
We're looking at record-setting cold on Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, a little wintry mix to spice things up.
We've got two more weeks, friends, settle in.
Journey to the center of the polar vortex.
*whispers* -15 degrees with wind chill.
Get ready, tonight's going to feel like NEGATIVE 18 DEGREES.
Nearly 12,000 NYCHA residents experienced heat and/or hot water outages on the coldest day of the year so far.
To reiterate, temps are poised to plunge into sub-zero territory, STEEL YOURSELVES.
And you thought that first snow was bad! (It was.)
A well-defined cold front passed through the area early this morning sending the temperature and humidity into a deep plunge.
The big nor'easter passed just a bit too far west yesterday for the city to get hit with much snow.
Today's snow should mostly end by early afternoon, with a couple of inches piling up in the city.
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