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Big Bird! Samantha Power! President Clinton! Doris Kearns Goodwin! James Franco!

Colbert also questioned de Blasio about his vacation during a possible LIRR strike.

Wilmore promised 'to only wear my Laker T-shirts when I'm layering.'

Colbert paid tribute to Letterman, 'Dave has been on the air my entire adult life.'

Noting how his show was off the air from Friday through Sunday, 'In a sense, I was canceled for three days... just like Jesus.'

Naquasia Legrand worked at two KFCs and couldn't make $300/week.

Stephen Colbert brought the subway kittens August and Arthur—along with current foster dad Steven Liu—onto the show in a basket.

With time honored patriotic Independence Day traditions under attack, Stephen Colbert was not going to stand back and watch Mayor Buzzstomp ruin the 4th of July: "Sparklers deserve a seat at freedom's table!"

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both paid tribute to Boston last night after the deadly marathon bombings which killed three people and injured over 170 more.

Colbert said: "In a nutshell, women are angry and defensive. You need proof? Go up to any single woman and say, 'The reason you're not married is because you're angry and defensive.'"