Despite Colbert not utilizing any of our design suggestions, the marquee still came out pretty good.
After Stephen Colbert challenged Banksy to vandalize the walls of his studio, Hanksy showed up last night to mark it with a "Col-Bear."
What train will get us to the Hipsters' Deep area of Brook Lands?
His highness Steven Patrick Morrissey was welcomed on The Colbert Report last night in the most Morrissey-appropriate intro line: "Are you read to ROCK...yourself back and forth in the shower while crying?"
Anti-feminist lawyer Roy Den Hollander has been waging a not-so-silent war
Courtesy The squiggly self portrait that doubles as Al Jaffee's
NKOTBack! If you happened to see any middle aged women wandering around
Remember that New Yorker cover satirizing right wing scaremongering about Barack Obama
The presidential race has been a goldmine for talk shows (well,
Alex Ross has worked as the music critic of The New Yorker
Last night Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert returned to their fake news
As The Daily Show and Colbert Report are just moments away from
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