Col allan

What happens when a powerful media figure is reported as being a friend of an alleged madam.
The NY Post editor who was fired after complaining about a
Legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith is leaving the NY tabloid pages:
Photograph of NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, holding a sign to boycott
Cartoon, at left, by Sean Delonas/NY Post; photograph, at right, of
Photograph of the crowd outside the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home
One can practically hear the giggling between the lines as The New
This a very good day in the Daily News newsroom, while
The NYC media is thrilling in the Post's egg-on-face John Kerry running
- The Post is the official paper of the subway's centennial. Which
The Daily News relishes in the Post's pain once more: They
The New York Post thanks New Yorkers today for increasing their
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