The vote marks the first time appointees have come from offices other than the mayor.
The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board is tasked with ensuring city workers and elected officials adhere to strict ethical guidelines.
Two days after the chaotic pandemic primary, the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board delivered another blow to the city Board of Elections.
"I used my City position to benefit myself," councilmember Vanessa Gibson, who represents the West Bronx, said in a Conflicts of Interest Board disposition.
An NYPD sergeant with a for-hire vehicle side business and a history of alleged misconduct has been fined by the city for attempting to use his badge to curry favor with the city's taxi regulator.
The employee agreed to resign and pay thousands in restitution for the theft.
A clerk at the Staten Island District Attorney's office traded information for drugs.
Don't bother thanking that sweaty beat cop with a refreshing frozen lemonade—NYPD officers aren't allowed to accept gifts.
As part of our ongoing investigation into how the City's government operates, today we are taking a look at across-the-board corruption, from the Department of Education to the NYPD.
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