Coffee shop

The combination Chase Bank-Joe Coffee has officially replaced the longtime neon sign that warmed this Union Square corner for decades.
A perfect opportunity to preserve the look of the old space! Except, well...
The new space is supposedly designed as an homage to its iconic predecessor, but falls short on that promise.
The iconic diner-lounge will be occupied by a Chase bank and vegan food chain by CHLOE.
Here are the two tenants who ARE taking over the space.
Chase Bank takes over another NYC icon.
Welcome to the Influencer coffee shop.
The Union Square adjacent Coffee Shop closed this weekend after 28 years in business.
The owner says, 'The rents are very high and now the minimum wage is going up and we have a huge number of employees.'
The coffee shop Pudge Knuckles closed in mid-June 2016, when a fire in its century-old Williamsburg building set off sprinklers that flooded the place.
The three-year-old cafe has become a neighborhood staple and advocacy spot for the community.
Cold brew comes in beakers, the menu resembles the periodic table, and the espresso brewing method's as obsessive as Gale Boetticher.
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