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The coffee is great, but don't sleep on Jared Sexton's pastry program.

"People are buying beans — they’re learning this is not too difficult [to] make delicious coffee at home."

Are they not bothered by the freezing temperatures? Do they not crave something warm in their hands?

Step inside Bed-Stuy's Pilar Cuban Bakery and you might, for a moment, think you're in Miami instead.

Holy shit, what's next? Ice-T is gonna tell us he's never tried iced tea?!

Our own investigation into the alleged shortage suggests that New Yorkers need not fear a return to life without milk made from raw oats.

We don't need a "day" to celebrate coffee, the world's most life-giving legal drug, but we have one, and with it comes opportunities for a free buzz.

The Round Lake, NY-based company calls this a "precautionary measure."

A Lower East Side coffee chop is choosing to peer into the dark abyss of your soul with an espresso drink that's completely black.