When the summer heat gets unbearable, millions of people around the world drink yogurt. It's time we do the same.
The drink that broke my bias against cocktails.
His cause of death is unknown.
What else would a depressed old man drink?
Xtreme Autumn Cocktail Alert!
Don't put an entire fried chicken on top of your Bloody Mary, you animals.
The Bronx was invented in the early 1900s... have you ever had one?
"Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough."
The classic pale blue drink from the early 1900s disappeared for many years.
Megan was spotted drinking a bright blue cocktail on the beach during shooting the upcoming season of Mad Men... here's how to make it.
Who knows good monarchy drinking games?!
What if what you really want is the cocktail of your nightmares? Check out the latest, terrifying-looking internet sensation: the Alien Brain Hemorrhage.
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