Grant Houses alone had 877 work orders filed for cockroaches through September 10th of last year.
"When we walked in on Monday, I was like, 'Oh my God, it just smells really bad in here.' I started to feel nauseous, and then I just started throwing up."
"For roaches, this is not new. They've been doing this for thousands of years: 'It's hot, let's fly.' For people ... it's like Roaches Gone Wild."
The City Council plans to charge 5 cents for paper bags, and will use part of the proceeds to buy reusable bags for residents.
In New York, pests reign supreme.
Would that a lone rat were the worst of the restaurant's woes.
Well, it wasn't the back alley dumpling facility that got Prosperity Dumpling shut down. It was...the severe roach infestation
Out of this writhing pile of American cockroaches at the 34th Street—Herald Square subway station, which is your favorite?
Great news for bored New Yorkers looking to spice up their cockroach life: a new species of roach has been discovered in Manhattan, and this one isn't fazed by cold weather.
According to a recent study, some species of cockroach started noticing humans were using glucose to bait-and-kill them, so now they hate the taste of sugar. Bloomberg, take note!
Some schools continuously racked up critical violation points over multiple visits by the Department of Health.
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