Coca cola

Historically, the Mets have always been a very coke-positive team.
Last night Mad Men ended with [spoiler redacted].
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper have vowed to help consumers cut the number of calories they consume through beverages by one-fifth over the next decade.
Can't blame the Millennials this time!
A low-calorie drink without mysterious lab residue? Sounds like Coca-Cola really cares about its consumers! Not.
Are you ready for tonight's soda smackdown?
The ad gives us the unvarnished truth: "If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you'll gain weight."
In response to Bloomberg's soda ban proposal this week, lobbyists and researchers for the beverage industry have been looking for ways to combat the mayor's assertion that large sodas contribute to rising obesity.
Yes, we know that it was just Purim, but that simply means Passover is only a few weeks away (and even if you forgot, your mother already called you this past weekend to remind you).
Sondra Walker, a Coca Cola merchandiser, claims she was referred to as "Nappy Head" and "Aunt JaMamma," on the job, with no reprimands for the perpatrator.
The tax would prevent 2.4 million cases of diabetes, 95,000 coronary heart events, 8,000 strokes and 26,000 premature deaths, while saving $17 billion in health expenditures and generating $13 billion annually.
Coca Cola's new "save the polar bear" white cans are really confusing and taste like crap, according to thousands of baffled drinkers.
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