Coalition for the homeless

The Legal Aid Society says that de Blasio’s plan for Internet upgrades in city shelters fell “woefully short”
Homeless single adults have more than doubled over the last decade, accelerating to grow by an average of 10 percent per year since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014.
Advocates for the homeless dismiss DHS's Hope Count methodology as inherently flawed.
One attorney said proposed legislation would "provide the NIMBY crowd with tools that they can use."
More people are exiting shelter than they were during Bloomberg's final years, but homelessness is still at a record high.
"It's baffling to us since the governor has come out and said he's committed to this."
One in 43 New York City children spent at least one night in a shelter in 2014.
The number of homeless individuals sleeping in city shelters reached the highest point ever last year, according to an annual report by the Coalition for the Homeless.
"Moochers" from Skokie are using your tax dollars to doze on hammocks filled with caviar.
"You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system and walk in the door and we've got to give you shelter," said Bloomberg.
On Monday night 46,084 people spent the night in a New York City homeless shelter and according to the NYC Department of Homeless Services 19,486 of them were children.
Today, advocacy group the Coalition for the Homeless released its annual State of the Homeless report, and found that the population of people living in municipal homeless shelters in the city has skyrocketed to an all-time high.
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