Co op city

Called the country's largest naturally occurring retirement community, Co-Op City has an estimated 8,300 residents over the age of 65.
A circuit breaker knocked out power to the woman's building.
The city requires that every borough have an animal shelter. The Bronx hasn't had one for years.
Police arrested a suspect today.
After a judge sentenced him to 90 years to life in prison, the man convicting of killing a former boss Co-op City leaped from his chair, screaming, "Please let me go!"
On his TV show Tuesday night, national debate-poisoner Glenn Beck dumped
The man suspected of mugging six women and threatening them with
The man suspected of being the "Ice Pick Bandit," striking six
It's reported that the man suspected of six muggings at Co-op
A day after the police released images of an ice pick-
Surveillance image of the suspect The police are looking for a
He's coming for your car It's the end of another long
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