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Cuomo is not like Fredo at all. He can handle things. He's smart! NOT like everybody says.

It turned out to be a love letter to the Lower East Side, with lots of interviews with his friends, peers and heroes from the late '70s/early '80s.

Cesar Sayoc at a Trump rally (via Facebook) Mail bombing suspect

The person's name has not yet been released, and further information was not immediately available.

The wave of pipe bombs intended for prominent Democrats continued on Thursday morning.

On Sunday morning, the official POTUS account tweeted a Wrestlemania video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo photoshopped over his head.

On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin posted a video to Instagram showing her holding a prop of Donald Trump's bloody and severed head.

On his latest episode of CNN's 'Parts Unknown,' travel enthusiast Anthony Bourdain journeyed across the East River to the myriad flavors and ethnic communities of Queens, where "every stop can seem like another country, another region."

The site offers guides to cities the TV host has traveled to on his show Parts Unknown, with video clips, essays and fact sheets about each.