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Here are ten shows that are certainly worth your time.

Here is a cheat sheet for those who would like to see some live music this week.

CMJ 2012 is finally here, and here are 7 free showcases that you don't need a badge to get in to.

SPIN's CMJ showcase left us deaf, sweaty, and really needing to pee.

What are people doing at CMJ this week? We met these 15 folks picking up their badges yesterday...

We've been strategizing for a number of years on how we could come up and do a festival that was impactful and unique," Pitchfork president Christopher Kaskie said.

We're hosting another show during CMJ this year. This time around

Click through to read about Kidrockers, Cruel Black Dove, Bridges & Powerlines,

Our CMJ show (which we're co-hosting with the lovely people at

Once again CMJ is upon us, and our show (which we're