We just had the warmest October since temperature observations began in Central Park just after the Civil War, and the eighth straight warmer-than-average October.
Much warmer weather is in store for Sunday when the high will reach at least the upper 70s.
With any luck the worst of the recent rain has passed us by, but that doesn't mean we're in for a dry holiday weekend.
The warmth shows no sign of stopping...
Late tonight a cold front will drop down from upstate and clear out these two battling systems.
A second disturbance, this one headed our way via Pennsylvania, might produce another round of weak showers this evening.
Without the clouds Sunday should warm to the lower 80s.
A giant high pressure system currently north of Lake Superior is going to be in control of our weather the next few days.
All looks cool and quiet for Friday and Saturday as high pressure settles in for a couple of days.
A cold front stretching from Detroit down to Dallas and high pressure centered over South Carolina are combining to stream a thick column of warm, moist air.
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