Shhhhhhhh, the sun is sleeping.
Don't be alarmed by the red, blue and green clouds in the sky tonight.
One responsible citizen of Gotham manage to secure a time lapse video of this morning's clouds, and it's pretty freaking ethereal.
Breaking: Clouds Form Above City
The sun is on sabbatical until Saturday.
Playful clouds will hover over Central Park starting tomorrow.
"If you can bribe a member of Bespin's Wing Guard into taking you on a spin around Cloud City, you won't regret spending the credits. The views are stunning."
Check it out: more photos (and a STRIKING video) of last night's storm.
Some pretty intense "Ghostbuster" clouds hovered over NYC during the storm!
Wednesday's high hit 100 degrees. It's a different story today where we'll be lucky to see the lower 70s this afternoon.
The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the NYC area through 7 p.m. tonight. And judging by the clouds that have rolled in, this one might really happen!
We may not have gotten much of a storm, but there were some impressively ominous clouds that swept through the skies last night.
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