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'Ben Stiller is a son-of-a-bitch liar just like the rest of the world. He doesn't care about the truth.'

It's an engrossing retelling of a thrilling escape attempt that does not shy away from the darkest, most complicated aspects of its three primary subjects, while also retaining the vibes of a classic '70s escape movie.

The Showtime series stars Benicio del Toro, Paul Dano and Patricia Arquette (and is directed and executive produced by Ben Stiller).

Del Toro will play convicted murderer Richard Matt, while Arquette will play Tilly Mitchell, who helped Matt and another convict break out of Clinton Correctional Facility in the summer of 2015.

In addition to positioning himself as the mastermind behind the prison break, Sweat also claims the two men were able to escape the prison the night before during a test run.

Sweat was shot by a state trooper in Constable, NY this afternoon, about two miles south of the Canadian border.

Thousands of law-enforcement agents are searching for David Sweat near Titus Lake.

There are multiple reports that Richard Matt has been fatally shot.

Palmer is accused of giving the two men flat-head screwdrivers and needle-nose pliers on at least four occasions... in exchange for their artwork.

The Post reports today that Mitchell and Sweat had sex together over 100 times in a prison closet.