Lodgings range from bare bones to rustic elegance, good food is plentiful, and, with a little effort, you can find solitude in some of the most spectacular scenery around.
But it doesn't sound like he would do this again: "That climb beat me up. I may have reached the top, but Niagara won the war. At the end of the day I was hypothermic."
Judge ShawnDya Simpson literally wants the tourist to clean the Brooklyn Bridge, which we're sure would be tons of fun.
The visitor from Russia did manage to take some photos—but didn't post them on social media... yet.
The Cliffs, a Long Island City climbing gym that was open, then closed, has finally reopened four months later. For good this time—right?
Check it out on Saturday for just 10 bucks.
It seems that climbing the NY Times building will never go out of style: a man attempted to scale the New York Times building in midtown this morning.
One of the climbers who scaled the NY Times building earlier this
A 30-year-old man lost his life last night after locking himself out
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