Climate change

A new study examines the nation’s aging energy infrastructure and how climate change will impact power generation. For the Northeast, flooding is a serious concern because plants are located near water.
Cutting greenhouse-gas emissions by 85% will require big changes from the state’s economic drivers – and its residents.
Researchers are analyzing 100 years worth of snowfall data, finding significant declines linked to climate change.
The demolition of East River Park marks the last chapter in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s climate change legacy.
The temporary restraining order was the latest legal maneuver by opponents to the project.
De Blasio achieved success toward making New York City carbon neutral by 2050, but his administration struggled to break ground on its storm surge and sea level rise infrastructure projects.
The contentious plan to demolish and rebuild East River Park, a key climate priority for the de Blasio administration that’s prompted legal challenges and neighborhood uproar, is officially underway.
From a 250-foot-long barge moored in Raritan Bay, workers are placing more than 1,100 stone-filled mattresses into the water. They will double as an important habitat for marine species.
The project is part of a pair of renewable energy investments expected to supply a third of the city’s annual electricity usage.
NYC Officials say the city’s drinking water is still safe, but it may taste weird while repairs to the Catskill Aqueduct are ongoing.
Trustees of three New York City pension funds are pledging to develop an investment portfolio that would generate net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.
Despite their complaints about Murphy, environmentalists say his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli would be worse. But they’re still calling on the incumbent to stop the expansion of natural gas.
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