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New Jersey follows nearly two dozen other jurisdictions with similar lawsuits. But none of these cases have been resolved yet, and fossil fuel companies are pushing back.

Draft rules proposed by the Adams administration include loopholes that could allow wealthy building owners to pay their way out of making the necessary retrofits for energy efficiency.

Scientists blame parasites encouraged by the climate crisis. But they’re also hopeful the marine animal could be saved before the industry goes bust.

Wear a scarf to the polls Tuesday. Cooler temperatures are projected mid-week, though they’ll climb back into the mid-sixties by Thursday.

Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery announced a plan to protect its roughly 600,000 final resting places against future floods.

For the communities that will be shielded by these new coastal defenses, they offer an extension on life. Yet for some residents, these walls and levees are not a welcome addition.

For the communities that lost homes, neighbors, and loved ones, it has been a long decade of recovery and rebuilding.

Ultimately, the program is designed to reduce property damage by alleviating the burden on the city’s aging sewer system.

The exhibit — located at 120 Wooster St. in Manhattan — shows off climate change-themed works of art alongside a kid-friendly “action incubator."

Droughts often take communities by surprise. Environmental engineers have stumbled upon a curious method to predict these disasters before they begin.