Climate change

Hospitalizations for dementia patients and mental health emergencies are rising with the frequency of heat waves.
In conversations with Gothamist, a dozen legislators gave reasons for why measures such as the All-Electric Buildings Act didn't make it to a vote last session.
Hundreds of families in the O’Dwyer Gardens have been calling for the city to restore cooking gas since construction broke ground on NYCHA’s Resilience and Recovery project in February.
East Harlem continues to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy, as the Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront builds large, luxury high-rises in a flood zone where a permanent retreat could be necessary.
An urban garden specialist is conducting a low-tech and audacious experiment with kale, collards and some basalt rocks in East New York.
A new Rutgers study finds humpback whale visits are increasing to the waters around New York City, and the marine mammals are staying longer than in the past.
Gov. Kathy Hochul signed three climate-focused bills into law in Brooklyn on Tuesday.
Dr. Cecilia Sorensen, director of Columbia University’s Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, explains what the ruling could mean for conditions like asthma and lung cancer.
Thursday's ruling stymies the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to confront climate change and environmental activists are fighting news whiplash to make sure their voices are heard.
"It puts more of a burden on New York — puts more of a burden on 49 other states."
Local nonprofits worry that federal assistance isn’t keeping pace with rising food prices — caused by a mix of global forces such as climate change and the war in Ukraine.
State officials and members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation hope a new environmental lawsuit will provide compensation for natural resources destroyed by a Ford Motor Co. dumping site.
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