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The bill sets aside $369 billion for initiatives like incentives to buy electric cars and electrify home heating.

The newly created dual role could streamline two government offices that have gained increased significance in recent years.

While the exact path of the storm remains uncertain, forecasters with the National Weather Service said the region would likely get more than six inches of snow — with the possibility of a foot.

For those invested in civilization's survival, the last few years haven't offered much cause for optimism. Is that starting to change?

The long streak of warm months has come to an end.

The temperature should peak in the lower 70s on Wednesday...

A look back and a look at what's to come.

If today's high reaches 90 we'll tie 2009 and will have doubled 2004's frequency.

The earliest 90-degree day was the 97th day of the year in 2010 (April 7th), while the latest was...