The suspect, Steve Stephens, allegedly uploaded footage of the killing to the social media site on Sunday.
When it became clear that Cruz wouldn't be endorsing, Trump stormed into the arena like a slighted wrestler, grimacing and waving from the family box in the arena.
The path is at last cleared for Donald Trump to bring America to a close.
While Republicans fiddle, Cleveland burns for more.
Giuliani Time, coast to coast.
"Nationalism, sovereignty, free market capitalism is rising worldwide, as the globalists try to put in place their world government, but they are failing!"
Cleveland has banned squirt guns downtown for the RNC, but not real guns.
The biggest domino of the always entertaining NBA free agency period has finally fell, and LeBron James has announced that he is going to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.
Joss Whedon is currently filming The Avengers in Cleveland, which has been transformed into NYC... and he's smashing cabs!
John Gotti's former son-in-law, Carmine "The Bull" Agnello, has come a
If New York had to pick a 6th borough (or find
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