Clayton osbon

In March, Captain Clayton Osbon yelled at passengers, "Iraq, Al Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down!"
Remember that time a JetBlue Pilot had a complete mental breakdown during a flight, running through the cabin yelling "It's gonna blow!" and "Iraq, Al Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down!"? Well, it's lawsuit time!
The JetBlue pilot whose scary and bizarre mid-flight meltdown was immortalized on YouTube appeared in court yesterday to be arraigned. All eyes now are on the results of his medical examination.
Here's newly-enhanced and frightening video of the JetBlue meltdown pilot completely losing it as passengers try to restrain him.
The next time you're squeezed between Kevin Smith and Jonah Hill on a flight, be grateful: in the event of an emergency, they could come in handy if a delusional pilot goes berserk.
Carson Daly has infuriated the mother of a gay 9/11 victim.
Captain Clayton Osbon has been charged with interfering with the flight crew
Everyone who knows the JetBlue pilot who had a meltdown aboard a flight yesterday is shocked by the incident, and they say no one could have predicted the frightening breakdown.
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