Clark street

"It’s kind of shocking. I know New York was hit really hard by the pandemic. I expected better from them," he said. "It doesn’t really match up with the whole 'Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect' thing I keep seeing on their cars."
To reach the platform at Clark Street, riders have no choice but to take one of three very old elevators (followed by one flight of stairs).
Elected officials are pressing the MTA for details on elevator repair plans at Brooklyn's Clark Street station.
Change is coming, though the MTA won't say when, exactly.
The Clark Street elevators are a goddamn nightmare.
2 and 3 trains will be bypassing Clark Street in Brooklyn until the elevators are fixed.
Stuff your face with egg-filled tacos while waiting for the train.
Don't panic! It's only temporary!
Photo: Brooklyn Heights Blog A man was shot twice in the
Food for thought: The Sun says that Brooklyn Heights restaurant Palmira's has
Gothamist enjoys hot wings, brew and the game on TV as much
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