Clara heyworth

"There has not been, and there will not be ever, any justice for Clara," her husband said.
The Brooklyn DA recommended 15 days in jail for the unlicensed driver who killed a Fort Greene woman, but a judge gave the defendant zero days behind bars.
"It's a perverse system," Councilmember David Greenfield said today. "Currently, we're saying to the drivers of New York City: Be reckless, drive drunk, unlicensed, run people over, and nothing is going to happen to you."
A man who saw his wife fatally run over on Vanderbilt Avenue by an unlicensed driver is suing the city for failing to conduct a thorough investigation.
A Brooklyn man who saw his wife run down before his eyes says the NYPD so badly botched the investigation that the DA is unwilling to press criminal charges against the unlicensed driver.
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