Civil rights

The federal monitor, who has been overseeing the police division for five years, says his team’s work has been delayed by the pandemic.
The couple said the cost of IVF and surrogacy without health coverage has been prohibitively expensive, effectively delaying their plans to start a family.
The author of Blood in the Water: The Attica Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy, filed a lawsuit Thursday against the acting commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections Anthony Annucci, alleging the censorship violates her constitutional rights to free speech and due process.
Adams signed the order on the same day he deflected inquires on conflicting information about his diet.
The announcement follows a year-long Gothamist/WNYC series investigating allegations of police corruption and brutality in the small, majority-Black Westchester County city.
Protesters, and those caught up in demonstrations, are beginning to file notice of claims for excessive force and other civil rights violations.
A life-long advocate of voting rights, even as recently as two weeks ago Lewis had agreed to chair a voter registration drive.
'Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcoming,' the bill reads.
"The Southern civil rights issues we were up against fifty years ago are very relevant today, especially with the potential for increased violence."
Now public schools will not be able to force trans students to use facilities that conflict with their gender identity.
The African-American officer has his own discrimination suit going.
Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina said, "We are dedicated to ensuring every student is provided with a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment."
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