Civil liberties

Lawyers for Happy argued the solitary elephant was being confined illegally
The change, decried by civil libertarians as "genetic stop-and-frisk," is set to go into effect early this fall.
An organizer of the demonstration claims that the ceremony caused 33 Thames Street to shrink by 40 feet.
"[W]e must cast out this idol."
The proposed laws target proponents of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, whom legislators say traffic in "hate speech."
The Department of Homeland Security announced it would delete rules for to an early 2000s immigration registration program related to males from majority Mulsim countries.
A lawsuit filed in federal court alleges the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have illegally refused to comply with a FOIA request related to surveillance of Black Rights Matter protesters.
Weaponized aircraft, bayonets, and grenade launchers are also off the table.
Are you Sunni or Shiia? When was the last time you prayed? Where do Somali immigrants like to eat? Did your father die in Afghanistan fighting Russians?
The report states that the most common crime suspected of those stopped was "weapons possession," but data shows that more stops doesn't necessarily mean a considerably larger proportion of weapons are found.
A civil rights advocate filed a lawsuit today in federal court seeking an injunction to prevent the NYPD from using new body scanners to detect firearms on civilians.
Worst of all, the subpoenaed calls "seldom lead to an arrest," but the records remain in the NYPD's searchable database.
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