City workers

Six municipal agencies, including those that make up the city's first responders, are yet to see their vaccination levels hit 60%.
The expanded policy comes less than a week after Mayor Bill de Blasio implemented the measure for the city's 42,000 public health workers.
The Municipal Labor Committee, which negotiates on behalf of unions representing city workers, voted Wednesday to approve a new health plan.
"These are damning, damning statistics."
This will affect about 50,000 city workers.
The Big Apple is one of the first American cities to have such rights for their interns.
Just who are the 327,793 municipal employees that help our city run?
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg going through the FY 2011 budget from
Seven years after it was supposed to be completed, CityTime has
courtesy CEOworld Since Senate Dems passed a budget resolution replete with
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