City winery

It will include a full-service restaurant, a bar/gastropub, and grab-and-go food and beverage options. And there will be live "ambient background music."
"We want to see if there are 100 people a night at this point who would pay extra money to have this COVID-free experience. We think it could point to a solution to allow indoor dining to remain open."
Disney will build a 1 million-square foot complex on the entire block from Varick to Hudson and between Spring and Vandam.
The City Winery spinoff serves the venue's vinos in addition to a small menu of drinking-friendly snacks.
It's unlikely that you'll get the opportunity to see Prince in such an intimate setting anytime soon, so savor the excellent video from those shows that Prince has now uploaded.
Three hours of His Purple Majesty!
If you're into exclamatory sax solos and funky shrieks of joy, then this was a show 4 u.
And if so WHAT ONE?
City Winery is hosting an informal viewing of Havens’ ashes during "an un-ticketed gathering of friends, food, wine, and music."
Five places to watch the debate among your fellow New Yorkers, plus how to watch for free at home even if you aren't enslaved by Time Warner.
Click through on the photos for the scoop on the City Winery BBQ Block party, a crayfish party at IKEA, and a Brooklyn-themed food fundraiser for City Harvest at the historic Tobacco Warehouse.
A new John Hughes-centric musical mashup is coming to town in a few weeks, and we take a look at what they're working with.
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