City planning commission

The vote brings the controversial $11 billion plan one step closer to final approval by the City Council.
"I said 'approximately'," Jerry Wolkoff said. "I didn't know how many units I was going to do."
The decision marked a significant and stunning defeat for a high-profile development that would have dramatically raised the skyline along the Lower East Side and Chinatown waterfront.
The plan to build new jails has faced mounting pushback from communities even as the call to close Rikers, which has a long history of violence and abuse, have grown more urgent.
Tuesday marked the latest step in the lengthy land review process for the controversial development.
And with a vote of 12-1, NYU's dreams of adding roughly two million square feet of new facilities to the superblocks below Washington Square Park inch ever closer to reality.
After getting voted down by the local Community Board in Williamsburg,
Opponents of Bloomberg's proposal to rezone and develop Willets Point weren't the
Michael Lappin, CEO of the managing company for what is being
A state judge has shot down Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to rent sports
A rendering of Brooklyn's proposed City Tech Tower, designed by Renzo Piano,
The old saw is that one can't fight City Hall, and
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