City planning

“It’s now up to the City Council to do the right thing and say no to this wrongheaded, destructive plan.”
Roughly six years in the making, the city's rezoning plan has the potential to dramatically remake the neighborhood.
We spoke to the editor of new book on the impact of government planning and housing policies on urban communities of color.
"It feels as through a great tsunami is coming towards us: big real estate dominating the city."
Sunset Park residents protest rezoning A new study out of NYU
On Tuesday, a key City Council committee agreed on a rezoning plan
Photographs of the Bedell House, clockwise from upper left: Normal-looking in
Michael Lappin, CEO of the managing company for what is being
Bless the Daily News for suggesting that Coney Island institution Nathan's Famous
A state judge has shot down Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to rent sports
Take a good, long look New York: You could be staring
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