City government

'It is entirely unacceptable to sign my name to a letter, and purport it to be from me, and send it to my county committee members asking for them to give a proxy [vote] to Frank Seddio.'
The New York Public Library has a series to help citizens understand how the different layers of governments work in New York City.
Everybody, let's give a warm hello to Rachel Sterne! The 27-year-old
In a roundup of the city's new "Quick Cost Savings program"
Mayor Bloomberg chose the members of a new commission that will
After the NY Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg had commissioned a poll
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg speaking at the State of the City
The Gotham Gazette has a fairly comprehensive overview of the unpleasant byproducts
While no one is questioning the fiscal stability of New York City
Yesterday, the city announced that cigarette smoking by construction workers most likely
The Office of Emergency Management would like to remind you that
The saga of the issuance of Official New York license plates to
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