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The unit created by a law passed last year is understaffed and the city blew a deadline for a legally mandated report.

After a spirited debate, the council approved the measure to allow about 900,000 non-citizen New Yorkers to vote in city elections.

The CCRB's Chairman, Rev. Fredrick Davie, testified today at a City Council hearing in support of legislation that would grant the agency the power to start its own investigations into police misconduct.

The plan would give New Yorkers who are legal permanent residents as well as those authorized to work in the country the right to cast a ballot in city elections.

One bill would require that an initial drone inspection be done within 48 hours of a facade-related 311 complaint or DOB violation.

The legislation amounts to a significant turnaround for the mayor, who has been facing mounting pressure from homeless advocates and elected officials to build more housing for the homeless.

The legislation requires that at least 90 percent of all glass installed on newly constructed or altered buildings be treated or constructed with materials that will be visible to birds.

A study on two Brooklyn rezonings comes as fair housing advocates prepare to lobby for City Council legislation that would force the city to perform a racial impact study as part of its rezoning process.

A special fine program saved the 10 most heavily fined companies in 2018 as much as $20.4 million on their summonses, according to a report.

For small business activists, commercial rent control has long been seen as the holy grail.