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Court officials say lawyers have declined to take on more than 10,000 eviction cases as housing lawyers remain scarce.

Members of the Council will consider banning the sale of uncertified e-bike and scooter batteries during a Monday morning hearing.

Implementation of the law was delayed, but it goes into effect Tuesday.

Migrants say they’re being turned away empty-handed from the resource center. Many then return to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, where they arrived aboard buses sent from the border.

A big voting day comes amid unrest among Council staffers over the end of remote work.

The City Council is set to end a hybrid work option for legislative staffers on Oct. 31, workers said.

Urban planners at MIT and the New York City-based Transportation Alternatives created a tool analyzing health outcomes and racial demographics with transportation woes.

Administration officials say the facility at Orchard Beach in the Bronx will accommodate 1,000 newcomers, while they are looking to site another emergency relief center as large as three football fields.

Councilmember Shaun Abreu, the bill’s lead sponsor, called tattoos a form of personal self-expression that often incur bias and discrimination from employers, landlords and service providers.