City council

In her first State of the City address, Adrienne Adams says the city needs to invest more in affordable housing to help unhoused and low-income New Yorkers.
Speaker Adrienne Adams did not specify Tuesday where she wanted to see funding increased.
Although murders are down this year, major crime is up 41.6%. Hate crimes against Asian New Yorkers in 2021 were up 361% over the previous year.
The bill does not create any new laws but "synthesizes" existing rights.
The new spending plan could top $100 billion by the time councilmembers are done tinkering
At the time of its passage, the equal pay law was largely heralded as a major step towards curbing insidious pay gaps. But advocates now fear that recently proposed changes could create loopholes to the point of defanging it completely.
One member pointed out that the NYPD has a larger budget than the Ukrainian military.
At a budget hearing Friday, Councilmember Sandy Nurse noted that complaints about rat sightings and missed trash collections already increased during the pandemic
“The dissonance of budget cuts amid the reality of a robust recovery is hard to wrap our heads around" — Finance chair Justin Brannan.
Policy advocates want to jumpstart the conversation on how to repair harm from the city's ignoble past.
Oswald Feliz was named head of a special committee to investigate and prevent fires similar to Twin Parks, which happened in his district.
"No matter where you stood on the rezoning, whether you're for or against it...this legislation just did harm and did not help anyone.”
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