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The findings come from New York City Comptroller Brad Lander's analysis of the locations and accessibility of cooling centers.

New York City students who are under the age of five will need to continue wearing masks in class, even if the school mask mandate is lifted by Mayor Eric Adams next week, because those kids are not currently eligible for COVID vaccines, a spokesperson for the mayor said.

The decision to divest must be made by the boards of each pension plan, which cover 700,000 current and former city employees in total.

The announcement comes less than one week before the City Council is scheduled to hold an oversight hearing on the city's enforcement of lead laws.

We asked a political science professor about the Comptroller's role in city government and why you should care about this thing you'll be hearing about incessantly for the next 48 hours.

Comptroller Liu gave a State of the City address, which recent comptrollers have not done.

Some people write on their hands or put a note on their fridge. Comptroller John Liu has New York City's second-most popular tabloid to do the reminding

City Comptroller John Liu has two women aggressively pushing for money.

Liu estimates that the tax cuts proposed by the president would save someone who makes $25K a year $775, and $3,100 for those making $100K.

Liu at a Lunar New Year Event (via). City Comptroller John