City budget

The groups argue without funding, New Yorkers are being denied a right to legal representation.
Speaker Adrienne Adams did not specify Tuesday where she wanted to see funding increased.
The mayor's investment marks a slight increase from his previous proposal, while still falling far short of a pledge made on the campaign trail to dedicate 1% of the budget – or roughly $1 billion – to the city’s sprawling network of parks.
One education advocate said, "Our kids coming back from the pandemic are so far behind."
"We need taxes on the wealthy so we can protect working people, everyday people...I strongly urge that that is the way to go forward."
There's a looming $3.8 billion budget gap that Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to address.
"Are there gonna be critics on all sides? Of course. But I'm convinced this is real change."
“Now you have people of all colors marching together, telling their stories, and now, people are getting it. And I think it’s going to be different this time.”
The executive budget includes hiring freezes across many city agencies as well as concrete service reductions such as scaled back waste collection schedules for Department of Sanitation workers. Some city agencies will take a bigger hit than others.
This is only the first round of what will inevitably be more cuts.
Looming fiscal pressures will squeeze the budget and make it more difficult for the city government to deliver on promises to educate kids, keep the streets safe, and help those in need.
The staggering figure continues a longstanding trend of growing misconduct payout totals.
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