The upcoming New York City rule would have restricted the amount of time app-based drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft can spend cruising without passengers below 96th Street in Manhattan.
Here comes the next phase of Bloomberg's breastfeeding initiative: the city is looking to hire someone to encourage breastfeeding in parts of Brooklyn.
While you probably shouldn't drink the water, there's no need to fear the drip, and you can even use the water falling from your A.C. on your plants.
gary burke's flickr It seems strange on a day like today
Are free outdoor events that attract crowds too dangerous? City Room
Over the weekend Patti Smith and Jonathan Lethem went face-to-face in
In an agreement announced yesterday, the city will assume full control of
It's open! After more than two decades of planning and dreaming, a
Since the city assumed control of the unfinished Brooklyn Bridge Park
Photo by Jake Dobkin/Gothamist The state has reportedly withdrawn its control
Facing some 9,000 lawsuits from ground zero responders who say they
After increasing the cost of pooper scooper fines from $100 to
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