Citizens united

City Hall seems to have gotten hit with yet another subpoena.
"We have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety," he said.
Nonprofits he controls have raked in millions in unfettered contributions from big donors.
The Justices who go on junkets paid for by Republicans and whose wives openly support Tea Party ideology ruled that “the government may not penalize an individual for robustly exercising his First Amendment rights."
On The Colbert Report last night, Gingrich declared that Super-PACs are a "very negative and very destructive of our system." Of course, he also declared that he still wants a moon base. Watch below.
For those who hope that the Koch brothers will be shamed into renouncing their plutocratic status, Charles Koch has bad news.
"We're not going to fight this fight with one hand tied behind our back."
Robocalls paid for by Gingrich's campaign have been calling voters and telling them that Romney axed Kosher meals for Holocaust victims during his tenure has Massachusetts' governor.
A group organizing a protest on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has been prohibited from demonstrating outside the Federal Courthouse on Pearl Street Friday. Now they're literally going to court
33% of likely voters think that "corporations are people," while 67% believe "only people are people."
We spotted Occupy Wall Street operatives posting these missives disguised as service alerts on the L train.
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